Thursday, 17 December 2009

News-One of Wednesday Dec. 16, 2009

Talks making the rounds are that the Tufuhene of Akropong- Akwapim, Nana Yaw Ampem Darko, known in private life as George Darko of ‘Ako Te Brofo’ fame, may be one of the persons behind the pornography sex scandal that hit the area recently.
Though the reports are not yet confirmed, George Darko, an ace musician, has denied that he was one of the persons who got a number of girls from the area to strip naked and allow their photos to be taken for a pornographic production which would be sold in Germany.
News-One gathered that when Happy FM in Accra first broke the story, George Darko went to the station twice to deny that he had a his involvement in the scandal though his name had not been mentioned.
He had also spent a good part of his life in Germany, they very country where the said pornography is believed to be on sale and when News-One visited the Akropong area, several residents said it is strongly suspected that George Darko may have something to do with the matter.
The Chief cum musician got very angry and screamed all sorts of vulgarisms, curses and threats when News-One asked him of the reports. Below are excerpts of the interaction between George Darko and the News-One reporter.
Nana George Darko: You are a stupid idiot; a motherfucker arse-hole. Don’t ask me such a stupid question again. Do you hate me? Or is it the name George Darko you hate? Have I called your girl friend?
Reporter: I don’t have a problem with you.
Nana George Darko: Why would you put such a calamity on me? Tell me one reason.
Reporter: I have not done what you are alleging.
Nana George Darko: Look my brother if I had a gun in front of me, I would have killed you. I swear my father. I swear God, I would have killed you.
Reporter: You are threatening the life of a journalist with a gun
Nana George Darko: And so what
Reporter: And you call yourself a Chief?
Nana George Darko: If I have not done something and you want to soil my reputation what do you want me to do? I have worked for my name and I respect my name and I know what God has done for me and I don’t want you to tarnish my reputation.
Reporter: I asked you a simple question and you insulted everything on me; from my motherfucker to me arse-hole.
Nana George Darko: And so what?
Reporter: And so you are being unfair to me.
Nana George Darko: Your motherfucker and so what? You are soiling me reputation and it is your motherfucker you are concerned about? What you told me was that you hear I am one of the persons behind this thing….
Reporter: Don’t I have the right to hear things?
Nana George Darko: You have the right to hear things and so what?
Reporter: And don’t I have the right to ask questions?
Nana George Darko: You have done your conclusions before asking the questions. How can I George Darko indulge in such a shameful act? You should not have even mentioned that and let me tell you have thrown the baby away with the bath water okay?
Reporter: Nana, I would lodge a complaint of threat to murder against you.
Nana George Darko: I don’t care….You should have asked me that what is going on and I would tell you everything. But when you ask me that you have heard I am one of the people behind this thing, charley, I swear God, I swear my God-damn motherfucker, I swear my stool and everything, that look, I don’t know you but anyway God save you.
About 200 of the said photos available to News-One appeared completely different from the ones in the conventional pornographic magazines. Many of the girls had horrible “vital statistics” with very bushy and unkempt pubic hairs.
While some appeared to be teenagers and had sores and blisters on their bodies, others were nursing mothers with pot bellies and even went along with their babies. Many of them even had unclean panties aka ‘pioto’, with holes in them.


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