Thursday, 11 June 2009

As Told By: Halifax Ansah-Addo

Daily Guide of Wednesday June 10, 2009

THE STUDIOS of Asempa Fm in Accra was momentarily turned into a boxing ring yesterday morning when Alhaji Ibrahim Bature, a close confidant of President John Mills and a notable activist on the National Democratic Congress (NDC) pounced on a studio guest and severely punched him with a couple of wicked and hefty blows as if he was a professional boxer training with a punching-bag.

Alhaji Bature was reported to have pounced angrily on his pry, Omari Wardie; former New Patriotic Party (NPP) Chairman for Ayawaso West because the later held a view contrary to his during a studio discussion.

Daily Guide gathered that if not for the timely intervention of staff of the station who rushed in to hold back Alhaji Bature, he would have inflicted further havoc on his victim.

“Your information is true, he gave me a combination of a slap and a blow and it was painful I must confess; not that I could not have hit him back but I am a gentle man other than that I could have floored Bature; he is not my match at all. You let him try it next time.” Mr. Wardie told Daily Guide.

Alhaji Bature, when contacted on phone to ascertain if he indeed lost his temper and assaulted a man in public, simply said he would not comment on the issue.

“I have no comments to make; if that is why you are calling me and this is what you want to talk about then I have no comments” was his response to the Daily Guide.

When the paper attempted to probe further to get Alhaji Bature to understand that it was just fair and proper to get his side of the story, he started to sound upset and yelled into the handset: “Halifax you must understand me I did not know that this is what you want to talk about that was why I asked you to call back; I thought it was something else that I could be of help but with this I said I have no comments”.

Daily Guide gathered that Alhaji Bature got angry and started to beat up Omari wardie when the later challenged him to prove a claim he had Wardei that the government had relocated former President Kufuor into another office building at Airport Residential Area after throwing him out of his Ridge office.

“When he said Kufuor had been relocated and given another office, I made it clear to him that it is not true and that no such arrangement had been done but he got angry and assaulted me; it sounds strange but he did it” Wardie noted.


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