Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Halifax Ansah-Addo writes from News-One Courtyard

Walahi Talahi, my Lord, I have never heard of this before; a Man of God in this Africa of ours telling his church members not to bring him gifts on his birthday but to rather send the gifts to the poor, widows and the destitute in society. For where?
He said this with his own mouth my Lord, Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations; Lagos, Nigeria said it. He said it just like that without thinking of the several wads of crisp currency he was blocking from entering his bank accounts.
He did not only say this strange thing my Lord, but he also refused to enjoy the sexy damsels who say they were sent to his church to seduce him to enter their panties. The damsels spoke for themselves and said they were sent from Mama Water; what those of you who love big words call Mermaid, to give the Man of God some hot bouts of sex.
Every now and then, these Mama water girls flock his church wearing all kinds of transparent handkerchiefs just to get to know the length and size of his rod of Moses.
There was this particular woman who painted her face with tones of Mascara and lipolipo who left her house before cockcrow; she took Okada to the Synagogue church only to grab the microphone to tell the congregation that God had sent her to tell T.B. Joshua that he should and must marry her immediately. Haaaba? The man already has a wife and he has not made mention of divorcing her to go in for a Lady from the Spintext road.
I believe this lipolipo woman might have even armed herself with an Aganzi condomn ready for action; she might even have gone wet already by merely looking at the Prophet’s moustache but let me not deviate too much from the substantive issue at stake.
My Lord you must judge this case because this T.B. Joshua man is perhaps the most criticized Pastor of our time; he has even been banned from the assembly of pastors in his country on allegations that he is an occult leader masquerading as an Apostle of Christ.
Yet the very pastors who are chewing his tails and gulping it down with a glass of red vodka have not given one single charge in the bible of which T.B. Joshua has failed to obey.
Even a sinner like me can easily tell that the loud mouthed critics are clearly judging the Man when the very bible they claim to preach has asked them not to judge others. See the pots calling the kettles black.
Despite my sin, I know the bible says in the book of Luke Chapter 6 vs 37 that “Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven”
I am quoting from the proper bible my Lord, I mean the King James Version and it was Jesus Himself speaking here.
Oh somebody should get the offering ready.
So what are they saying? Even if indeed, T.B. Joshua was an occult leader what have they done to convert him to Christ and is his crime beyond forgiveness? See these funny people Ooo; they have logs of timber stuck in their eyes yet they want to remove a tooth pick from another person’s eye.
My Lord, whiles T.B. Joshua is asking his church members to give his birthday parcels to the poor, we see other churches asking their congregation to pay a special offering which is given directly to the pastor anytime he says it is ‘Pastor’s Day’ and those of us who do not have much to give them are made to feel like a gang of ungrateful demons.
My Lord, some churches also have something called Pastor’s Appreciation Day, Pastor’s Wife Day and Pastor’s Birthday and Pastor’s Wedding Anniversary Day and many other such days where church members are told to carry gifts to pastor.
My Lord, if indeed T.B. Joshua is an occult leader why are the “True Men of God” not calling on their “True God” to expose him? Why are they fighting for the “True God”? Is He defenseless before T.B. Joshua?
And My Lord, if at the end of the day it comes to light that T.B. Joshua is a true man of God, would his critics move round the world to retract the insults and injurious materials they have put out about him?
Tell me My Lord, do these Pastors have the right to judge, condemn and sack one of their own- Prophet Temitope Balogun of the Synagogue Church of All Nations Church?

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  1. TB Joshua is a significant example of resoluteness and faithfulness in Christian life. All the misrepresentation and malicious gossip that his rivals have thought would obliterate him have only made his ministry superior – a free advert and for the work of God. Because of immature jealousies and pride, another one of God’s great gifts to the nation of Nigeria will soon be lost. Anyway, it is all to confirm the Bible, which says no true prophet is accepted in his own country (John 4v44).


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