Wednesday, 8 July 2015

I get a heart break each time I hear Ghanaians advance a religious based argument in the anti gay debate. It convinces me we aren't serious in our supposed anti-gay stance as a people.
In my generation, fear of the supposed repercussions of disobeying the commandments of God has NOT really scared us from ‘sin’ therefore if the main argument in this gay right debate is that ‘God would get angry’, then I am sure we are on a wild goose chase because that claim hardly puts fear into anyone these days.
For instance, my recent conversation with several teenage folks taught me that the fear of contracting a deadly Sexually Transmitted Infection (STIs) or an unplanned pregnancy is keeping more young people away from premarital sex, than the biblical doctrines of fornication and hell fire. Oh yeah.
I am on the view that an evidence-based argument outlining the adverse medical effects and health dangers of anal sex (homosexual sex for that matter) is more likely to scare people from the act than merely telling them ‘God does not like it’.
They know God is ‘forgiving’ and has been generally tolerant of all the nonsense going on even among Christians and persons who claim to be Pastors. I doubt if there is any homosexual out there who does not know that religion, be it Christianity, Islam or others frown on homosexuality. This knowledge has not been enough to curb homosexuality or prevent people from getting involved.
Rather than attempting to pray away homosexuality through long days of fasting and speaking of strange tongues, we should go the extra mile of opening up the debate and engaging in some candid intellectual masturbation.
Pretending homosexuality is a moral challenge with a religious solution is pure lazy thinking.
The world has moved beyond that. The debate now transcends religion and the religious folks should be in a position to engage in an all round debate on whether it is a medical condition caused by hormonal imbalance which can be cured if detected early or whether it is a life style people adopt by choice.
What I mean is telling people the exact dangers and health risk of homo sex sinks better than leaving it to God. It sounds abstract and the least scary…..
And before I forget.... I have a fiancee...her name is Akosua.
Halifax writes,
Tuesday July 7, 2015.


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