Tuesday, 7 July 2015

A 22-year old second year Senior High School student, Emmanuel Sabhagha, has established his own clothing line label that has become very popular and has expressed optimism of becoming an international brand from Ghana.

Sabhagha told NEWS-ONE his label, ‘Life On The Streets’ (LOTS), was conceived from his personal experience of the harsh realities of living life on the street.

The brand has maintained an increasing popularity among the youth.
“I am 22 now but would soon complete Senior High and become a man so I had to think of how to earn a living rather than completing school and searching for jobs that do not exist.

“It was just an idea I tossed over with a few friends but now it has become a reality and I am selling my cloths and making money. I believe ‘Life On The Streets’ is not just a fashion label but a statement to motivate people and challenge them into coming out with creative ways of earning a living and becoming self employed.

“When the idea came, I did not have money so had to rely on a loan from friends, get designer to put my idea of a logo, get it registered, invest the loan into the business and now  we are selling T-Shirts, Polo shirts, hoodies, sweat shirts, snap bags, wrist bands and our stock is moving fast”, Sabhagha explained. 

The 22-year old Ghanaian is venturing into the fashion industry at a time the United Nations has outlined creative industries’, including fashion, as a viable potential to boost development especially in developing and under developed countries.
Sabhagha confirmed to NEWS-ONE the fashion industry is a lucrative venture with a profit margin worth writing home about.

“People love to look good and generally consider what they wear as a major way of enhancing their public image. And if you come out with a nice label on a quality fabric that has durability, people would start to associate with you and help you grow.

“In this era of social media, marketing your stuff is not that difficult. From the beginning, I have relied on facebook, instragran and other social media sites and because the strategy is working well, I am not encouraged to look for a huge amount of money to rent a big office in town”, Sabhagha stated.

Explaining his target market, Sabhagha said LOTS is for persons who believe there is hope for everyone, including those living on the streets.

“There are many people out there who were not pampered to reach the top, people who are down but believe they can get to the top, people who want to encourage themselves and encourage others to think of creative ways of surviving and making a living, they are my target market and they have not disappointed me so far”, Sabhagha added. 


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